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How It Works?

Our Process

Our process starts with yarns. Twisting machines are then used to twist the yarn. The beam is made in warping machine by the twisted yarn.

There are two types of beams:

  1. Sizing beam.
  2. Warping beam.

Sizing beam is non-twisted yarn and warping beam is twisted yarn. After sizing and warping the beam, it is taken to the loom in the weaving department. Then the raw cloth is made by the loom from the polyester.

Designing of the raw cloth:

  1. Plain
  2. Dobby (design).

Manual work is required to operate the machine for dobby designing, there are maximum 16 frames in the dobby machine then the raw cloth is inspected and graded. After the dobby designing is done, the whole process gets assigned to the departments in a sequential manner.It starts when the raw cloth is sent to the dyeing department.

Dyeing Section

Jiggers are used for the dyeing of the cotton fabric and Jet is used for dyeing of the polyester if it is mixed with cotton.

Twisting Department

Pirn winding machine is used to process yarn. It winds the yarn and the twisting machines are used to twist the winded yarn. Setting process is then started in which yarn is kept at specific temperature for hours, Jumbo machine is then used to weft the yarn, then the warped beam is made by the warping machine.


Steam and chemicals are used to give hardness to warp in the sizing machine.

Polyester Processing

Grey is stitched and made endless, then deicing is done to shrink and wash the grey by chemicals in Rottriwasher machine, Endless machine is used for stitching and Rottriwasher Machine is used for washing.

Drying machine is used to dry the washed grey which is ready for finishing process.

Dyeing Department

Grey is colored and resized here in the jet machines.  In sketcher machine, the wrinkles of the clothes are cleared and the clothes are washed in clean water. Residual water is cleaned in sketcher.

Inspection & Packaging

Rotting machines are used for packaging. Finished product is covered with polyethene through automatic machine. Then comfort machine is used for the softness of the clothes. Embossing machine is used for background prints and pressing.